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Regulatory Management

Helping North Dakota businesses implement standards put in place by government agencies.

Regulatory management helps businesses in a variety of industries implement the standards and regulations that are put in place by different government agencies including but not limited to: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Our goal is to operationalize standards and regulations into daily work practices, assist with policy and procedure development, review medical documentation, and maintain necessary recordkeeping.

Problems you can avoid 

By working with ION, we can reduce the headache that regulatory management can bring. We'll take on the cumbersome tasks so that you can focus on what matters – your business. You'll avoid:

  • Having to keep up to date with current standards and regulations.

  • Maintaining records to support compliance.

  • Suffering from the inability to train employees on medical-related topics.

  • Having to understand and apply medical-related standards specific to your industry.

Ba​cked by Credentials

Our expertise in regulatory management is backed by several relevant credentials and certifications. This includes being NIOSH-certified in Spirometry, a Certified Hearing Conservationist, ​Certified Trainer in Breath Alcohol Testing, Certified AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor, a DOT-Certified Drug Collector, and having certifications in Occupational Health Nursing and Legal Nurse Consulting.

What Businesses Have Seen

By focusing on regulatory management, businesses see many benefits, including:

Reduced risk of penalties, fines, and litigation.
Improved safety outcomes.
Aligned business practices with your brand.
Strengthened customer confidence.
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