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During the 2020 construction season, OSHA’s Bismarck office conducted 91 fall hazard inspections and proposed $745,813 in penalties for violations of fall protection standards. These hard statistics from the US Department of Labor prove that it is a necessity to keep job sites and work zones safe and compliant with OSHA standards.


We are here for you
before, during & after a crisis.

  • By spearheading health fairs, we can help decrease healthcare spending.

  • By educating employers, human resource managers, and employees, we can avoid higher OSHA recordables.

  • When your employee gets injured, we can help eliminate or minimize productivity loss and keep compensation costs down.

  • When your employee is hospitalized, we can guide the injured employee, their family, employer, and the WSI agent with detailed healthcare oversight and advocacy.

  • When your employee is ready to return to work, we can make sure they are able to complete all daily tasks and requirements. 

Ba​cked by Credentials

Our expertise in the construction industry is backed with several relevant credentials and certifications. This includes being NIOSH-certified in Spirometry, a Certified Hearing Conservationist, Certified Trainer in Breath Alcohol Testing, Certified AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor, and a DOT-Certified Drug Collector.​


Ready to improve your construction business? We can help.

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