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Everyday tasks in the manufacturing industry are complex and have a high probability of encountering health hazards and workplace injuries. It's important to get ahead of these issues by implementing policies to support your business when injuries do take place. 


We are here for you
before, during & after a crisis.

  • By spearheading health fairs, we can help decrease healthcare spending.

  • By educating employers, human resource managers, and employees, we can avoid higher OSHA recordables.

  • When your employee gets injured, we can help eliminate or minimize productivity loss and keep compensation costs down.

  • When your employee is hospitalized, we can guide the injured employee, their family, employer, and the WSI agent with detailed healthcare oversight and advocacy.

  • When your employee is ready to return to work, we can make sure they are able to complete all daily tasks and requirements. 

Ba​cked by Credentials

Our expertise in manufacturing is backed with several relevant credentials and certifications. This includes being NIOSH-certified in Spirometry, a Certified Hearing Conservationist, Certified Trainer in Breath Alcohol Testing, Certified AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor, and a DOT-Certified Drug Collector.​


Ready to improve your manufacturing business? We can help.

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