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Injury Management

Helping North Dakota businesses manage work-related injuries.

Injury management involves processes and procedures administered by the employer that enable workers with a work-related injury or illness to achieve a timely, safe and durable return to work.

Our goal is to ensure the right treatment is done at the right time to reduce any unnecessary delays in recovery and return your employee to work safely.

Problems you can avoid 

By working with ION, we can reduce the confusion that work-related injuries can bring. We'll take on the cumbersome tasks so that you can focus on what matters – your business. You'll avoid:

  • Enduring WSI claim cost containment.

  • Struggling to establish a relationship with the treating provider.

  • Struggling to manage time loss.

  • The back and forth communication between the worker, WSI, and the healthcare provider.

Ba​cked by Credentials

Our expertise in injury management is backed by relevant credentials and certifications including certifications in Occupational Health Nursing and Legal Nurse Consulting.

What Businesses Have Seen

Businesses see many benefits when we partner on Injury Management, including:

Reduced claim cost and WSI premiums.
Increased discounts on WSI premiums.
Enhanced recovery process.
Fair and consistent treatment of all injuries.
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